• Can I change my password through the Mobile Banking app?

    Yes. You may change your password.

    •  Once connected, click on “Services” and then on “Password”
    • You will be directed to a window asking you to enter your current password and entering your new password.
    • Confirm the change of password by clicking the "confirm" button.
  • Is the mobile application safe?

    BCP Bank (Mauritius) ensures optimum security on your connection for a safe internet banking experience. The login to your accounts is established only via a virtual keypad that protects you from key loggers.

    To guarantee your confidentiality, your connection expires automatically after a minimum of 5-mins of inactive session. You will be then prompted to log in again.

  • Are my banking data stored in the mobile application?

    For security reasons, no bank details are stored on your mobile or on your tablet.