Your car is beyond repair? You need to replace it? Or maybe… are you just dreaming of getting a new one: Sedan, SUV, Crossover? Why not a hybrid one?

BCP Bank (Mauritius) lends credit to your desires. With our car loans, you can treat yourself to a second hand or a brand new vehicle.

Who can apply and to what end?

Any person of legal age seeking part or total financing for the acquisition of a second hand or brand new car(1).


  • Affordable and attractive rates. The calculation of interest rate is customised, subject to a number of criteria (personal capital contribution, or not; requested loan amount…).
  • Monthly repayment term is limited to a maximum of 84 months.
  • Repayment amount is determined according to borrower’s budget.

Am I eligible for a loan? Do the test now!


Interest Rate

Rate calculation is subject to the following criteria: loan amount and term, type of vehicle, state of the vehicle.


Term granted depends on whether the vehicle is

  • New – in which case the maximum term is allowed, i.e 7 years
  • Second-hand: a maximum of 5 years (age of a second-hand vehicle as well as term of loan are set to a maximum of 5 years).
  • Repayment is monthly and includes capital and interest.
  • You can freely define your date set for repayment. Otherwise, debit date will automatically fall on the 28th day, every month.
Maximum Loan Amount
  • BCP Bank (Mauritius) can finance up to 100% of the showroom price, including road-ready charges and VAT.
  • Minimum allowable amount depends on borrower’s profile.
Mandatory conditions
  • Valid life insurance and comprehensive car insurance policies.
  • Documents supporting proposed acquisition.
  • Constitution of guarantees (if required).
  • Revenue domiciliation with the bank is mandatory.

Here you go!

  • Application checklist (for Mauritian Residents)*
    • Valid identity documents (national identity card, passport, etc.).
    • Proof of residential address showing name of applicant(s), dated less than 3 months.
    • Proof of income (latest salary slip, employment certificate from current employer, latest income tax return).

    (1) This offer is reserved to individuals of legal age, subject to examination and final approval of application by BCP Bank (Mauritius). For detailed information about availability and respective conditions, please enquire with your adviser at your branch.