1. Medical Assistance and Expenses Insurance

In case of a medical event during your trip

  • Medical expenses incurred overseas are taken charge of / refunded (USD 50,000 limit per insured medical event and per person insured with an excess of USD 100 per insured person).
  • Medical transport as well as medical repatriation are all organised and taken care of (within a limit of USD 50 000, with zero excess).

2. Travel Accidents Insurance

In case of accidental death or permanent invalidity (USD 50,000 per insured person / event, with zero excess). Benefits for children aged less than 16 is limited to USD 3,000. In any case, the payable compensation for travel accidents will not exceed 100% of the above-mentioned amounts as follows:

  • Death: 100% of the above-mentioned amounts.
  • Total and permanent loss of eyesight - 100% of above-mentioned amounts.
  • Loss of limbs (one or two) - 100% of above-mentioned amounts.
  • In case of total or permanent invalidity (other than cases mentioned above) - 100% of above-mentioned amounts.

3. Overseas Civil Responsibility Insurance

Are covered: corporal, material and immaterial damages (within a limit of USD 1 Million per insured person and per event, with zero excess).

4. Loss of luggage Insurance

Up to USD 500 is covered (excess of USD 50).

5. Travel Incidents Insurance

Are covered:

  • Travel Delay − USD 40 limit (minimum of 4 hours delay).
  • Baggage Delay − USD 75 limit (minimum of 4 hours delay).
  • Document Replacement - USD 1500 limit (zero excess), covering, theft / loss of or damages to the insured person’s personal effects over the total duration of the travel period.