Banking Transactions

  • What are the main features available in the app BCP Bank (Mauritius) Direct Mobile?
    • View your account balances in real-time;
    • View your transaction history over the last six months;
    • Transfer money locally towards registered recipients;
    • Search for the branch or ATM near you;
    • Access useful info (exchange rate calculator etc.).
  • What types of transfers can be initiated through Mobile Banking?

    Only local transfers can be executed via the mobile application. Local transfers include:

    • Form one of your accounts to another account (same beneficiary).
    • Local transfers to other beneficiaries of the BCP Bank (Mauritius) or any other local bank. (MCB, SBM etc ...)
  • Will I be able to transfer funds even if I do not register the beneficiary account?

    Transfers are possible only to registered beneficiaries only.

    You may add new beneficiary only via your secured e-banking space.

  • What is the processing delay for bank transfers via the mobile app?

    A local transfer is effective on recipient account within 24h, provided it is carried out prior to the cut-off time. 

    • A bank to bank account transfer is effective instantly (same beneficiary) 
    • Transfers performed before 2:30pm may be accounted on the same day– however the deadline for receipt of funds varies according to recipient banks, as MACSS (immediate) transfers are not possible online.
    • Transfers performed after 2:30pm are accounted are accounted on D + 1. (This applies to working days solely and excludes closure time, week-ends and holidays) 
  • Can Transfers be cancelled through Mobile Banking app?

    Transfers cannot be cancelled through Mobile Banking.


    • It is important to fill in the required fields correctly right at the very first step of a transfer.

    • The second step consists in confirming the details of the transfer.