If you are banking with BCP Bank (Mauritius) as an individual client and you frequently perform transactions in one and same foreign currency, we make it even easier for you through an account in that particular currency. Our Foreign Currency Account (FCA) simplifies your international banking transactions whilst allowing you to stay clear of the risk of exchange fluctuations.



  • You can open your FCA in any of the major currencies (EUR, USD, GBP, ZAR, AUD…). For other currencies, however, prior application is required.
  • You have no exchange commission to pay on transactions operated through your FCA.
  • You are protected from exchange fluctuation risks for your account’s chosen currency.
  • You can perform payments and withdrawals at your convenience.
  • Irrespective of the country where you are residing or travelling to, you can have 24h/7 access to your FCA through our secure internet banking service « bcpbank (Mauritius) Direct ».
  • A BCP Bank (Mauritius) personal adviser remains at your disposal to help you with any question or need you might have.

How to open your Foreign Currency Account?

    • Book an appointment with your personal adviser at BCP Bank (Mauritius) ; don’t forget to bring the originals of the following documents:
      • Official and valid identity document bearing your photo and your signature, such as: National ID Card; passport etc.
      • Proof of residential address, dated less than 3 months prior; for example a utility bill (electricity, water or landline phone).
      • For nonresidents: a bank statement, dated less than 3 months prior, showing identical residential address to the above.