Holding a bank account is today a necessity even if it serves only for revenue domiciliation purposes or to receive allocations. Your bank account provides a reliable and secure way for you to access your money. A Current Account with BCP Bank (Mauritius) can be opened in Mauritian Rupees and / or in foreign currencies.

Features and benefits of your Current Account

Several means of payment at your disposal:

  • One or more debit and/or credit card(s)
  • One or more cheque book(s)
  • Ad-hoc/permanent transfers, standing orders (local or international)

Did you know?
A minor, holding a current account in her/his name, can benefit from a debit card as from the age of 12 - with due authorisation from parent(s) or legal responsible party/parties, and under the latter’s responsibility.

Available operations

  • Credit operations (deposits to the account):
    • Local and international transfers (ex.: refunds from medical insurance, payment of pension, retirement pension, salary, internal transfers between accounts or from third party accounts, etc.)
    • Cheque deposits
    • Cash deposits
  • Debit operations (withdrawals and payment of expenses), cash withdrawal is allowed:
    • By the account holder or the legal representative, in any one of our branches, upon presentation of a proof of identity;
    • At any Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) across the island, by way of a bank card (within the withdrawal limit set for a 7-day period, as allowed by the particular type of card held and according to the type of ATM ).

Several means of payment

  • Bank card
  • Issuance of standard cheques
  • Issuance of Bank cheque
  • Automatic Debit (standing order instructions) to settle regular expenses such as utility bills (water, electricity, telephone) or payment of insurance premiums or payment of income tax
  • Single or standing transfers (local or international)

Other services offered with a BCP Bank (Mauritius) Current Account

  • Checking your account and follow up:
    • The statement of account listing all records of operations effected by date. It is issued and sent to your residential address on a monthly basis.
    • You can also check the status of your current account through BCP Bank (Mauritius)' free e-banking service " bcpbank (Mauritius) Direct ". Your statements can also be downloaded free of charge, from your secure online bcpbank (Mauritius) Direct subscriber account.
  • SMS approval for additional beneficiaries
    • An SMS is sent to your mobile phone* to enable you to add a beneficiary or beneficiaries straight from your secure online internet-banking subscriber account. An SMS confirmation request is sent back to you prior to enactment. This service enables transfers, saves you considerable time and enhances your independence.
    • *Conditional upon the communication of your modile phone number to BCP Bank (Mauritius).
  • Cash flow facilities / Overdraft
    • Under your specific Current Account Agreement, and subject to the Credit Commitee's approval, we are able to provide you with various cash flow facilities on your Current Account best suited to your needs.
  • Bank Identifier Code (BIC)
    • The Bank Identifier Code (BIC) is a paper document containing your Family name and First name as well as the particulars of your Current Account with BCP Bank (Mauritius). The BIC enables the communication of your banking domiciliation particulars without any risk of error so that you can receive transfers to your account or settle bills from your account by way of standing orders.

Additional Services

  • Eparplus and Eparfix are bespoke solutions enabling you to manage automatically the evolution of a current account balance to cover overdrawn amounts in a timely manner by way of transfers from a predefined Savings Account at preselected dates.
  • This is an automated service that is customised to suit your requirements.

Here you go!

  • Application checklist*
    • Valid identity document (national identity card, passport, etc.);
    • Proof of residential address showing the name of applicant, dated less than 3 months;
    • Proof of income (latest salary slip, employment certificate from current employer, latest income tax return).


    *This list is not exhaustive.