With BCP Bank (Mauritius) Direct, your bank is within your reach at all times. You can freely, easily and securely manage your bank account.


BCP Bank (Mauritius) Direct ensures:

  • Peace of mind - your confidential security code guarantees a unique 24h/24 access to your accounts.
  • Freedom - wherever you are, you can manage your account on the spot and directly – no need to go to a branch.
  • Simplicity - you can access and perform multiple services and transactions:
    • check past account activity and current balance of your accounts in real time;
    • check balance on your electronic cards;
    • check your credits ;
    • issue transfer orders between your accounts or to external accounts;
    • manage transactions ;
    • print your BIC ;
    • provide customised labels to identify your transfers ;
    • download account activity (over the past 90 days) ;
    • access useful information (forex rates, etc.).

New and so practical!

Now you can add recipients and proceed with online transfers instantly from your very own secure e-banking platform.  

  • Note: Only subscribers having provided the Bank with a mobile phone number can register new recipients online, further to which a "One Time Password" is sent by SMS to validate the new recipient.

Who can use it?

BCP Bank (Mauritius) Direct is available to every single client.

Enjoy it all from your computer, tablet, mobile phone or smartphone (through the mobile application available on App store and Android).