With BCP Bank (Mauritius) Direct, your bank is within your reach at all times. You can freely, easily and securely manage your bank account.


BCP Bank (Mauritius) Direct ensures:

  • Peace of mind - your confidential security code guarantees a unique 24h/24 access to your accounts.
  • Freedom - wherever you are, you can manage your account on the spot and directly.
  • Simplicity - you can access and perform multiple services and transactions:
    • check past account activity and current balance of your accounts in real time;
    • check balance on your electronic cards;
    • check your credits ;
    • add new beneficiaries* and issue local or international transfers;
    • manage transactions ;
    • print your BIC ;
    • provide customised labels to identify your transfers ;
    • download account activity (over the past 90 days) ;
    • access useful information (forex rates, etc.).

*Note: Only subscribers having provided the Bank with a mobile phone number can register new recipients online, further to which a "One Time Password" is sent by SMS to validate the new recipient.

Who can use it?

BCP Bank (Mauritius) Direct is available to every single client.