Connection to BCP Bank (Mauritius) Direct Mobile

  • On which system is the app « BCP Bank (Mauritius) Direct Mobile » available?

    The application is available under iOS and Android. You may download it for free on


  • How to install BCP Bank (Mauritius) Direct Mobile app?

    Kindly follow below instructions to install successfully the application.

    Step No1

    • Go to your Google Play Store or Apple Store

    Step No2

    • Enter « BCP Bank (Mauritius) Direct Mobile » and download the app.

    Step No3

    • Once installation is done, login with your existing user ID and password.

    NOTE: With the numeric keypad, you may connect only via a virtual keyboard and a password in numbers only.

  • Do I use the same log on credentials (username, password) for BCP Bank (Mauritius) Direct Mobile Banking as for the Personal Internet Banking login?

    Yes. To connect to “BCP Bank (Mauritius) Direct Mobile” application, kindly login with your usual internet banking username and password.

  • What to do if I forget my login and/or my password?

    To get your login: You may contact your Relationship Manager directly who shall provide you the login number.

    To obtain your password: please fill in the attached form and drop it at any of our  six branches or directly with your Relationship Manager.