The Interest-bearing Current Account is the ideal account if you’re just starting out or expect frequent access to your funds.

It operates like a conventional current account with the additional benefit of interest gained on deposits (1).

Amounts deposited bear interest accrued to your account at the end of a semester.


Who can use this account?

Any physical person of legal age or even a minor - either Mauritian Resident or nonresident. For a minor child, due authorisation from parent(s) or the legal responsible party is required. An Interest-bearing Current Account has no time limit attached.

Benefits of the Interest-bearing Current Account

  • Instant availability: deposits and withdrawals on your Interest-bearing Current Account may be made at any time.
  • Interest rate: Savings rate - 1% (subject to your credit balance being above MUR 7,000).
  • Guaranteed capital: the capital of your Interest-bearing Current Account is guaranteed and is regularly remunerated.
  • BIC code: your account bears its own bank identity code, such as required for the payment of utility bills or regular payment undertakings vis-à-vis service or product providers, enabling transfer / debit of cash directly to / from your account.



All physical persons of legal age

Minimum opening amount

MUR 1,000

Minimum threshold to earn interest

MUR 7,000

Deposits and withdrawals

Free, with no limits




Total and immediate

Payment of interest

Twice-yearly (semester end)



Here you go!

  • Application checklist*

    Ready to apply? Here’s what you need to get started:

    • Valid identity document (national identity card, passport, etc.);
    • Proof of residential address showing name of applicant(s), dated less than 3 months;
    • Proof of income (latest salary slip, employment certificate from current employer, latest income tax notice).

    (1) Conditions apply.

    (2) Base Savings Rate -1% - Conditions apply.

    *This list is not exhaustive.