Life Projects


*The Tempest - William Shakespeare

Yes, we are made of dreams. Before we even consider any project, we have dreamt it. It allows us to envision the outcome we want to reach. But… As we know it, the will is the only way from dream to reality. At BCP Bank (Mauritius), we are set on helping you to unlock your dreams, plan your project and, ultimately, to embody your dream into life.

Do you wish to own, build, renovate or improve a residence? Buy something you fancy or that treat you have set your heart on for your family? Does a personal emergency require an overseas travel or have been longing for some overseas holidays? Maybe do you need to buy a car or get a new one… We imagine that you also want to ensure better tomorrows for your loved ones. Whatever your project, BCP Bank (Mauritius) can help you achieve it. So do not set any aside - go further and aim higher! You can start now with a savings that will grow over time. Think about the accomplishment it would be to see your child leave for higher studies one day… And now, what about you? – Who will provide a comfortable life for you at retirement?

Whatever your dream or aspiration, we have tailored set of products and services to meet your requirements and ease your way to accomplish it. At BCP Bank (Mauritius), we have set our heart on one objective: we are here to offer solutions to every person who comes to us with the will of making a project come true.