You have a project at heart? An overseas trip, the need to refurbish your home interior decoration? Or else something you would very much like to offer yourself or a loved one but which exceeds your current budget?

If you find yourself in any of these situations, BCP Bank (Mauritius) can help you out by way of an Unsecured Personal Loan.


  • No need to draw from your savings! With a Personal Loan, you can finance your projects and keep your savings as a security against unforeseen circumstances and hardships.
  • A Consumer Loan is secured by a Life Insurance or Decreasing Term Assurance which is a safety net in case of difficulties(1).
  • You can apply for the desired amount and even get up to 100% financing, depending on your repayment capacity.
  • You can contract the loan in MUR or foreign currencies – as you wish!
  • Freedom to pay off your loan early with no charge

Who can apply?

Any person of legal age can apply to finance a "leisure" project or the purchase of a consumer good(1)


  • Maximum repayment term is 5 years. Effective repayment term will depend on your repayment capacity.
  • No capital contribution is required(1).
  • Up to a maximum of MUR 500 000, no guarantee is required (1).
  • Repayment is effected through regular direct debit from your account.
  • You can choose on what day of the month you would prefer the repayment amount to be debited from your account.

Am I eligible for a loan? Do the test now!

(1) Conditions apply.

Enjoy the benefits!

  • Application checklist*
    • Valid identity documents (national identity card, passport, etc.);
    • Proof of residential address showing name of applicant(s), dated less than 3 months;
    • Proof of income (latest salary slip, employment certificate from current employer, latest income tax return).
      • Acceptable evidence of project budget,
      • Proof that you have subscribed to a Life Insurance or Decreasing Term Insurance, with the policy endorsed in favour of BCP Bank (Mauritius).

    *This list is not exhaustive.