BCP Bank (Mauritius) is connected to Mauritius Central Automated Switch (MauCAS), operated by the Bank of Mauritius. MauCAS is a digital platform, designed to provide instant payments on a 24x7 basis, through cards, mobile phone and other channels.

How to benefit from the services linked to MauCAS?

  • First, you must register your BCP Bank (Mauritius) account on the third party application and or e-wallet you wish to use, connected to MauCAS platform.
  • The bank account currency can only be in Mauritian Rupee.
  • You may register several bank accounts held at BCP Bank (Mauritius).
  • You must ensure that you use your mobile number registered at BCP Bank (Mauritius).

Features currently available

Incoming of funds

- You will be able to receive funds instantly into your BCP Bank (Mauritius) account from any other participating local bank and/or an e-wallet connected to MauCAS.

Top-up of your e-wallet

- You will be able to fund your e-wallet, via your registered bank account, free of charge.

- Your e-wallet is funded directly from your e-wallet platform and the registered bank account will be debited accordingly.

- You may fund your e-wallet as per the maximum amount authorised by your e-wallet provider.

Important note

  • Outgoing payment, like sending funds instantly, are not yet available.  You may continue to perform your banking transactions through your usual banking channels, in our branches or via Internet Banking.