In order to choose which card is more appropriate for you, you have to determine what your purchasing habits are, as well as your needs in terms of assistance and insurance.  Click here for more details on our Travel Insurance Cover.

Check out the comparative table below to determine the one that best suits your needs.

VISA Classic
Debit options Immediate & Differed Immediate & Differed
Insurance covers
Emergency services (in case of loss or theft)
Withdrawal & payment valid worldwide
ATM withdrawal threshold MUR 20 000 / day MUR 300 000 / month MUR 20 000 / day MUR 750 000 / month
Payment threshold (including online purchases) MUR 100 000 / day MUR 750 000 / month MUR 400 000 / day MUR 1 500 000 / month
Customisable monthly threshold (subject to the Bank’s approval)
Medical Assistance
Death – invalidity resulting from an accident incurred during travel
Travel insurance (lost luggage, transport delays, loss of or damage to personal effects….
Overseas civil responsibility
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