Browsers and online software

  • What browsers and configurations are recommended to be able to access the website

    BCP Bank (Mauritius) website is compatible with the most widely used browsers and operating systems. For ease of use, we recommend the use of the most recent of these:

    1. Internet Explorer : Versions 9 to 11
    2. Chrome
    3. Firefox
  • How is my online access secured?

    As a security measure, the Bank sends your subscriber number (login) separately from your confidential code – under two different postal mails. For your part, you must make sure you are the only person to know/have access to these access codes.

    We recommend that, right at the start of your first connection, you immediately change the confidential code sent to you through the post. You must change your password to a digital one, solely.


    To ensure the utmost level of security, our system will immediately block all possible access further to registering three erroneous confidential codes entered under the same subscriber number (login).

  • Is our exchange of information online secured?

    Absolutely. When managing your accounts via the « BCP Bank (Mauritius) Direct » platform, any input, retrieval or exchange of information as well as any transaction is operated under a secured communication system protocol with the valid certificate attached. « BCP Bank (Mauritius) Direct » transactional platform is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This protocol automatically controls access rights to the different pages of the server and guarantees that the server to which you connect is effectively that of BCP Bank (Mauritius).

    In addition, to guarantee the confidentiality of data exchanged between your computer and the BCP Bank (Mauritius) Direct servers, once you have been duly identified and authenticated, any data transfer across the Teleroute is systematically encrypted by SSL protocol.


    • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol digitalizes data, thereby making any information sent through Internet unreadable.
    • The « https » you see, preceding BCP Bank (Mauritius)'s website address, as well as the key or padlock icon, at the lower right-hand corner of your browser’s screen, is proof that the site and any information exchanged therein is duly secured and protected.