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The VISA Classic card of BCP Bank (Mauritius) is an essential complement to your account. With it you can pay your purchases across the world at more than 29 million merchants displaying the VISA logo. You can also withdraw cash in foreign currency at a million or so ATMs in more than 220 countries (thanks to the extensive network of 1 000 000 VISA ATMs across the world).

Who can use a VISA Classic card?
Any physical person of legal age, holder of a Current Account or Interest-bearing Current Account with BCP Bank (Mauritius) can subscribe to a VISA Classic card - either on its own or as part of the Serenité service package.

A VISA Classic card can be issued to an account holder subject to a minimum of MUR 10,000 monthly income.

What is the use of a Visa Classic card?
VISA Classic is an electronic chip card. It is the ideal complementary payment instrument for you and for your family. It enables and simplifies secure payment of purchases and cash withdrawals in Mauritius and overseas. With it, you can access your accounts 24/7 from any ATM displaying the VISA logo.

Additional uses

The VISA Classic card can be used at any ATM to:

  • Check your account(s).
  • Obtain mini statements (5 latest transactions).



  • VISA Classic is a secure electronic chip card. It can hardly be copied to fraudulent ends, contrary to magnetic strip cards (enabling payment without requiring a secret code).
  • In the event of a lost or stolen card, only a phone call will be required to block the card on the system.
  • The entry of three consecutive invalid PIN codes – at an ATM or a Merchant Terminal, will immediately block your card. It will only be released following a written request sent to your bank.

An extensive international facility

VISA Classic card allows you to :

  • Settle current expenses in Mauritius and overseas. With a VISA Classic card, you carry virtual money around with you.
  • Withdraw cash Free of Charge at any ATMs with ViSA logo.
  • Settle your purchases directly with your card at merchants’ outlets or for e-payments, either on an immediate debit or differed debit mode.

How does it work?

Choice of billing

You can choose the billing option that suits you best to settle payments made with your card. You have the choice between immediate debit or differed debit, at the end of the month.

Two billing options:

  • Immediate debit
    • Your bills (purchases and withdrawals) are debited from your account as soon as they are submitted to the Bank from Merchants or other banks. It should be noted that immediate debit is subject to the card being linked to a current or an interest-bearing current account.
  • Differed debit 
    • bills from purchases at any merchants’ point of sale invoiced:
      • up to the 15th day of the month, are paid to the card account* from the current account on the last working day of the current month.
      • as from the 16th day of the current month and until the 15th day of the next month, are paid to the card account* from the current account on the last working day of the next month.
    • Cash withdrawals at ATMs are systematically posted for immediate debit.

*The card account is the account of the card itself. It records all transactions submitted for payment by Merchants or other banks. The card account is automatically linked to the current account, with a credit threshold as approved by the Bank’s Credit Committee. On every 15th day of each month, the Bank updates the card account statement to show debits incurred by transactions performed during the preceding period.

Withdrawal thresholds

Applicable to withdrawals from ATMs

  • MUR 20,000 / day.
  • MUR 300,000 / month.


At other banks’ ATMs, the bearer can :
Carry out cash withdrawals from the account to which the card is linked, as per the amount options offered at the respective bank’s ATM.

  • Request the credit balance on-screen and/or printing of ticket (except for France, which restricts the latter service to French bearers solely).


Types of payments

To settle purchases either in Mauritius or overseas:

  • at any merchants’ points of sale displaying the VISA logo;
  • on the internet, but solely through electronic payment systems requiring the security code displayed at the back of the card.
Payment thresholds
  • MUR 100 000 / day
  • MUR 750 000 / month



The VISA Classic card is valid for three years. It is automatically renewable. One month before expiry, the customer is informed of the issuance of a new card, ready for collection, at the customer’s branch.

Should a customer not wish to renew his card, the respective Relationship Manager should be advised at least three months before the expiry date.

Useful contact numbers

Credit/debit card stolen or lost : + 230 212 1000

Here you go!

  • Application checklist*
    • Valid identity documents (national identity card, passport, etc.);
    • Proof of residential address showing name of bearer(s), dated less than 3 months back;
    • Proof of income (latest salary slip, employment certificate from current employer, latest income tax return).


     *This list is not exhaustive