The fixed rate Housing Loan in Euros is a fixed rate redeemable loan covering any type of real estate acquisition: new or old, with or without renovation or expansion works, under construction or finished, for a primary or secondary residence or even for a rented residence.

This loan is subject to a fixed rate for the whole duration of the term. Your monthly repayments are constant. BCP Bank (Mauritius) is the sole bank offering such a loan in Euros on the Mauritian market.


  • Right from the start, every loan repayment modality is set.
  • Monthly repayment is constant.
  • Early repayment is allowed.
  • Interest rate is fixed for the whole term. With BCP Bank (Mauritius), you enjoy among the lowest rates of the market and you know the exact cost of your loan.


  • This fixed rate real estate loan is exclusively coupled with the Euro currency.
  • Monthly repayment is fixed for the whole term.
  • The loan is reserved to the acquisition of real estate property on the Mauritian market

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  • Any physical person aged between 18 and 60 years old (maximum age being 65 years old at final settlement of loan).
  • A person with a revenue in Euro / or equivalent of a minimum of EUR 2,000.
  • Mauritian Resident customers, Non-Mauritian Resident customers or Non-Resident Mauritians

Maximum of 15 years, subject to approval of application.

Customer capital contribution

Customer capital contribution is subject to borrower’s financial profile (a minimum of 20% capital contribution is in any case required)

Other conditions
  • Mandatory domiciliation of salary
  • Acceptable presentation and proof of project
  • Constitution of garantees
  • Subscriptions to insurance policies (among which a life insurance policy, a building insurance policy, both covering the loan amount and endorsed in favour of BCP Bank (Mauritius).
  • Evaluation report to the Bank’s satisfaction
  • Debt-to-income ratio should allow you to cover your living expenses