May it be in case of additional income or momentary hardships, you can adjust your housing loan repayment to increase or decrease it as required.

This housing loan comes with an innovative option! Subject to having established your contract to include the modular repayment option right at start, you can, as from the second year of your loan repayment, change your monthly repayment level and thereafter review it every year if you so desire. In increasing your monthly repayment, you can reduce the overall cost of the loan and the initially set term.

In case you have not taken the modulo option right at the beginning, you can submit an application to BCP Bank (Mauritius), in which case it will, if approved, require a new loan contract.

Who can apply?

A housing loan in Mauritian rupees can be applied for by any physical person who is:

  • a Mauritian resident;
  • a Mauritian national but non-resident ;
  • aged between 18 and 60 years (not exceeding 65 years at loan term) ;
  • willing to invest in real estate property in Mauritius.

In the event of specific real estate programmes such as PDS- Property Development Scheme (ex-RES / IRS), any loan application from a nonresident who is not a Mauritian national can only be considered if the latter is married to a Mauritian national.

What does it finance?

BCP Bank (Mauritius) Home Loan in Mauritian rupees is meant to finance housing and related projects solely.

  • Acquisition of an apartment or house meant as a primary or secondary residence.
  • Land acquisition.
  • Construction / extension / installation / renovation costs.
  • Refinancing of an existing housing loan or a housing-related consumer loan with another bank (subject to submission of all documentary evidence).


  • Control: you can manage your loan accordingly
  • Elasticity: your loan adapts to your professional and financial situation (either additional revenue or reduced disposable income due to new credit facilities taken).

By increasing your monthly repayment, you can reduce the overall cost of the loan and the initially set term.

Example : For a loan of Rs 1 million initially calculated on a 20-year term at 5.75% per annum, it only requires a 2% increase in your monthly repayment to save about Rs 115,532 and reduce your loan term to 16 years instead of 20 years.