With our Home Savings Plan, start saving right now for your future housing project. Our Housing Savings Plan best gears you towards financing your future real estate acquisition.

This savings plan comprises an initial savings phase of 4 to 6 years whereby capital is built up, entitling the account bearer to automatic rights to enter a housing loan application at preferential interest rate with the Bank. A housing loan can be applied for the acquisition, construction or renovation of the bearer’s main residence.

Even if you do not have any firm project in mind yet, saving on a Housing Savings Plan can, in due course, bring you the interesting benefits of having at your disposal an already constituted capital contribution and, therefrom, to enjoy preferential interesting rates on your housing loan.


  • Attractive remuneration of 1.75%* per annum.
  • A secured savings: guaranteed interest rate for the whole duration of the contract term.
  • Flexible deposits, allowing regular savings with the possibility of increased deposits as and when you can. All you need to start is a minimum opening deposit of MUR 5,000, then a minimum average monthly deposit of MUR 1,000. You can also deposit exceptional amounts, without exceeding the threshold set of MUR 1,600,000 (including capitalization of interests).

* Rate standing as from May, 1 2020 (base savings rate + 1.5%); conditions apply.


A housing loan at preferential terms

  • Loan interest rate guaranteed right at the start of your contract
  • No handling fees for loan application.
  • Possible loan amount is linked to the interests you have cumulated over your savings period. A calculation factor of 1.5 is applied to the global balance of your Housing Savings Account (Capital + Interests) to estimate your housing loan amount.
  • Repayment Term can be extended up to 25 years.



All physical persons of legal age not holding an existing Home Savings Plan.

Opening of a Joint Home Savings Plan is not allowed.

Minimum Opening Amount

MUR 5,000 to MUR 200,000


Minimum of MUR 12,000 yearly – deposits can be performed on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly or half-yearly)


Any withdrawal would lead to the termination of your plan


MUR 1,600,000. 

This threshold Includes capitalization of interests.

Interest Payment



4 to 6 years.

Here you go!

  • Application checklist**

    Ready to apply? Here’s what you need to get started:

    • Valid identity document (national identity card, passport, etc.) ;
    • Proof of residential address showing name of applicant(s), dated less than 3 months;
    • Proof of income (latest salary slip, employment certificate from current employer, latest income tax return).

    **This list is not exhaustive.

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