The VISA Gold card is an electronic chip card that offers freedom, multiple guarantees and facilities to yourself and your family. Its usage is international and allows both payment of purchases and cash withdrawals at all points of sale and ATMs displaying the VISA logo.



With the VISA Gold card:

  • Access 29 million merchants, 943,000 VISA ATMs and 600,000 other ATMs accepting VISA cards all over the world.
  • benefit from high purchase and withdrawal thresholds. You can choose these according to your personal lifestyle:
    • Purchasing thresholds:
      • MUR 400,000 / day,
      • MUR 1,500,000 / month;
    • Withdrawal thresholds, applicable to ATM transactions:
      • MUR 20,000 / day,
      • MUR 750,000 / month;
  • Travel overseas with peace of mind

Any problem pertaining to the use of your card, in France or any other foreign country, is immediately taken care of by our dedicated teams. You have direct access to these services through our emergency and assistance service numbers 24/7:

  • Medical and Travel Assistance Service :  + 27 11 541 1350
  • In case of loss or theft of card, in Mauritius or overseas : (+230) 212 1000

Who can use a VISA Gold card?

Any physical person of legal age, holder or joint holder of a Current Account with BCP Bank (Mauritius) can subscribe to a VISA Gold card. This card is also available with our Serenity+ Package of services and independently from any account, provided the respective and specific yearly subscription fee is settled.

Eligibility for a VISA Gold card is subject to a minimum monthly income of MUR 40,000.

Insurance and Assistance services for you and your family

  • Travel with peace of mind

In settling, in Mauritius or overseas, part or whole of your travel tickets with your BCP Bank (Mauritius) VISA Gold card, you have access to a range of inclusive travel insurances for yourself and your family.
These cover: travel accidents, plane or train delays, lost or damaged luggage, travel interruption.

  • Protect your family all over the world

BCP Bank (Mauritius) VISA Gold card offers the benefits of comprehensive assistance services in your country of residence and all over the world.
These assistance services apply to several distressing situations and emergencies to which an overseas traveler can be exposed to, for example: legal or medical problems.

For details regarding the assistance services and insurance covers that are currently available, please check the Related Insurances page.


A universal payment instrument : free usage acceptable worldwide.

Practical and reassuring : having BCP Bank (Mauritius) VISA Gold high purchasing and cash withdrawals thresholds makes it highly practical and most reassuring.

Privileges for optimal protection : a range of insurance and assistance guarantees to choose from for the optimal protection of your day-to-day and travel financial requirements.

Security: the VISA GOLD card is a secure and top-notch electronic chip card:

  • it can hardly be copied for fraudulent means;
  • in the event of loss or theft of the card or loss of the PIN code, it only requires a phone call to block the card on the system.

In addition, should three consecutive invalid PIN codes be entered – at an ATM or a Merchant Terminal – the card will be blocked immediately.

Choice of billing options: You can choose your billing preferences that matches your needs. You have the choice between immediate debit or differed debit at end of the month.

Here you go!

  • Application checklist*
    • Valid identity documents (national identity card, passport, etc.) ;
    • Proof of residential address showing name of bearer(s), dated less than 3 months prior;
    • Proof of income (latest salary slip, employment certificate from current employer, latest income tax return).

    *This list is not exhaustive.