Eparfix is an automatic transfer service that enables you to prevent outstanding balances on your current account by extracting funds from your savings account.


Peace of mind: The instantaneous transfer of money ensures that the minimum balance is maintained within your current account so that payments do not bounce back in the event of insufficient funds.

Fast and reliable: No need to log into your e-banking to top up your current account every time you anticipate insufficient funds

Flexibility: Choose the savings account that shall top up your current account and specify the amount to be transferred



Any BCP Bank (Mauritius) current and savings accounts holder


Unlimited or set up according to the account holder provided the current and savings accounts are maintained


Customize the schedule that works best for you by selecting at most 4 days / month whereby the transfers shall be done. You may as well opt to do them at regular intervals (on a daily, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis)


Each transfer will be completed provided:

At the time of transfer there is enough funds available on the savings account

In case you subscribed to both Eparplus and Eparfix and that the transfer dates happen to be identical, Eparfix transfers prevail on Eparplus ones

Modification, renewal and cancellation
  • Free changes at any time may it be on transfer dates, transfer amounts (minimum: MUR 500) or the account to be credited
  • Alternatively, you may delete the automatic transfers any time you want and ultimately choose to reactivate them
Service fee
  • No set-up fees for individuals
  • For Small businesses and Corporates, a set-up fee of MUR 200 and 350, respectively shall apply