Our new BCP Bank (Mauritius) Debit Card in Euro or USD is the easiest and most secure way to make purchases, effect payments or access your cash everywhere — every day. It packs all the convenience you need to access your Current Account in Euro or USD, on the go. Our card is designed to save you time and make your transactions easier and more convenient for both business or pleasure. So whether you’re paying for travels, equipment, business registration or advertising and even indulging in online shopping, it is the right card that meets your needs!


Features and Benefits

A universal payment instrument: usage acceptable across the VISA network terminals worldwide with access to 29 million merchants, 943,000 VISA ATMs and 600,000 other ATMs accepting VISA cards.

Practical: having BCP Bank (Mauritius) VISA Gold high purchasing and cash withdrawals thresholds makes it highly practical 

 You can choose these according to your personal lifestyle: 

Purchasing thresholds

In Euro-8000 daily and 30,000 monthly

In USD- 10,000 daily and 37,500 monthly

 Withdrawal thresholds, applicable to ATM transactions: 

In Euro-800 daily and 12,000 monthly

In USD- 1000 daily and 15,000 monthly

Convenient: Hassle free for travelling needs- no need to carry cash and risk associated with it. This card is also an easy banking solution for students abroad.

Protection: an extensive array of insurances while travelling, giving you peace of mind.

Transparency: take charge of your business spending with more transparency in spends tracking  

Security: the VISA GOLD card is a secure chip and contactless; it can hardly be copied for fraudulent means. It offers a practical and secure solution for online transactions

In case of loss or theft of your card, in Mauritius or overseas, please contact our Loss or Theft Assistance Service at the soonest via our hotline (+230) 212 1000



Our packages in Eur/USD, including those with the MUR option cover common day-to-day banking operations, a set of complementary as well as complimentary services.



- An all-inclusive package of essential products and services for everyday banking

- Exclusive billing benefits

- A “no-surprise” fixed monthly fee

- Access to an array of privileges with a Travel Insurance Cover.  Click here for more details on your Travel Insurance Cover.


1 year, with automatic renewal on a yearly basis


Packages in foreign currencies


Euro Package

USD Package

Bank Card with immediate  debit

VISA GOLD included

VISA GOLD included

Ledger Fees for current account



Internet/Mobile banking




Eur 5.50(excluding VAT)

USD 6.50 (excluding VAT)

Packages in foreign currencies with MUR option


Euro package with MUR option

USD package with MUR option

Bank Card with immediate  debit

VISA GOLD in Euro included

VISA GOLD in USD included

Bank Card with immediate debit

VISA GOLD in MUR included

VISA GOLD in MUR included

Ledger Fees for current account in FCY

Included for current account in Euro

Included for current account in USD

Direct Debit (MUR)



Permanent External local transfers (MUR)



Internet/Mobile banking




Eur 7.50(excluding VAT)

USD 9 (excluding VAT)

Who can use a VISA Gold card?

  • Any adult over the age of 18, with a current account in EUR or USD and to subscribe to the option in MUR, the client must have a Current Account in MUR.

  • Interested?

    Here you go!

    • Application checklist*

    o Valid identity documents (national identity card, passport, etc.) ;

    o Proof of residential address showing name of bearer(s), dated less than 3 months prior;

    o Proof of income (latest salary slip, employment certificate from current employer, latest income tax return).

    *This list is not exhaustive.