You have still not found a satisfying answer here to your questions about “accessing your accounts”?

Please check out our VIDEO for a step-by-step guidance through the various screens composing every menu and their contents.


  • How to access the details of my bank accounts?

    To access your bank accounts:

    • Please click on the tab « List of Accounts »: it will show the list of all your bank accounts.
    • Next, click on the title of the account you want to select to access respective detailed information.
    • You can also check your Bank Account Identity Statement by clicking on the link "PDF Version". From there, you will be directed to the respective page with the option to print the Bank Account Identity Statement.
    • You can also check your loans and fixed deposits under the menu "Deposits and Loans". For additional information, please refer to the specific section.
  • Is it possible to check a differed-debit card account online?

    Yes, provided your card account is linked to your e-banking subscription.

    Click on the tab « List of Accounts » and from there click on your card account.

    Should your card account not appear among the list of your accounts, we recommend that you submit a request to get your differed-debit card account linked-up to your e-banking subscription.

  • Why can’t I check all of my accounts, e.g Savings Up?

    If any of your accounts has not been linked-up to your e-banking subscription, it will not appear in your e-banking space.

    Should any of your accounts not appear in your e-banking space, we recommend that you submit a request for these to be linked-up to your e-banking subscription.

  • How to link new accounts to my existing subscription?

    Please fill in the attached form and drop it at any of our 6 branches or directly with your Relationship Manager who will take the necessary steps to get any or all identified accounts to be linked-up to your subscription.


  • What is an account statement?

    An account statement records the transactions that have been posted to your account over a given period. It shows all transactions for the period you choose.

  • Is it possible to download my account statement?


    • You can access your account statement by way of the tab « download operations » under the « Accounts » menu.
    • All you need to do then is to select the account you want the statement from and the desired period.

    Note: Unlike your bank statement of account, the printout serves as an indicative purpose only. You can download the account statements under different available formats, over up to 6 months of your banking operations.

  • How to access official bank statements online?

    Bank statements are available online on your e-banking space and can be directly downloaded by way of the tab "List of E-documents" under the “Accounts” menu.

    Note: Any correspondence sent to you by the Bank will also be available for consultation and downloading under the tab "List of E-documents", among which the banks statements sent to you by post.