Cheque books and cheques

  • Is it possible to submit a request for a cheque book online?

    No. This function is not available.

    Any cheque book request must be submitted via any one of our 6 branches or by contacting your Relationship Manager.

  • How to block my cheque book or a cheque online?

    This function is not available online.

    Should you wish to block your cheque book or a cheque, please go to any of our 6 branches or contact your Relationship Manager directly who will take the necessary steps. Our branches are open from 9h to 17h during week days.

    For any question you might have, our hotline 207 1000 operates from 8h30 to 18h during week days.

  • How to check my cheque transactions?

    You can check the payment of cheques you have issued as follows:

    • Under the menu « Cheque books & cheques », click on tab « viewing of Chequebooks & cheques ». This leads you to the page that allows you to view the payment of cheques.
    • If you wish to check out the status for cheques issued, click on the respective cheque book type. This option allows you to view whether the status is « Delivered » or « Paid ».


    • « Delivered » means that the cheque has either not been issued or cashed ;
    • « Paid » means that the cheque has been issued by drawer and cashed by payee.