When interest rates show an increasing trend, why don’t you get your housing loan refinanced? What happens is that if your initial interest rate was higher than the current one in force, it is to your advantage to go for refinancing. In that way, a new loan replaces the previous one, which results in an overall decrease in the cost of interests. Now wouldn't that be a smart move!


Refinancing your existing loans confers several worthwhile advantages:

  • Relief from high monthly repayments for the borrower(s) and ensuing improved budget comfort.
  • Rescheduling of loan term and new calculation of monthly repayments for increased financial comfort, for a loan held with another institution.
  • A refinancing loan can release funds for a new project such as home renovation or extension.
  • A refinancing loan is ideal when you get an income increase resulting for example from an improved professional situation. If you can afford to top up your repayment amount, it is advisable to opt for a refinancing of your loan. This will bring you significant savings on cost of interests and the overall cost of your loan.

Who can apply?

Our refinancing loan is meant for:

  • Mauritian Residents
  • Mauritian nonresidents of Mauritian nationality.
  • Aged between 18 and 60 years (maximum age at term: 65 years old).


  • Repayment can be effected either on the basis of a variable rate or a fixed rate, as per the terms of your loan. The repayment amount is directly debited to your account(1).
  • You can choose the debit day most convenient to you for your repayment.
  • Repayment term varies according to your disposable income and can extend to a maximum of 30 years in the case of MUR loans and 15 years in the case of foreign currency loans.
  • Several types of guarantees are acceptable to the Bank – fixed or floating charge mortgage; pledging of shares; fixed deposit.
  • You can protect not only your loan but also your family with our specific insurance covers:
    • Borrower(s)’ insurance: secures the financing, keeps your family safe.
    • Decreasing Term Assurance – the safe way to secure credit ledger and respective budget in case of personal accident.
    • House insurance cover – a comprehensive multirisk cover that safeguards your future property.
  • Reduced interest costs mean better loan management.
  • No penalty fee to settle in case of early repayment (2).

Good to know
BCP Bank (Mauritius) has designed a unique customised feature for its housing loans, available free of charge: the "Modulo Option". A Modulo Home Loan means that whenever you record an increase in income, you can increase your repayment amount, which means decreasing the initially set term and ultimately a reduction in the overall loan cost.

(1) Cost of loan is subject to fluctuations in the reference rate index.
(2) Terms applying – This offer is reserved to individuals. It is subject to the final approval of borrower(s)’ duly completed application file by Banque des Mascareignes.







    Take full advantage of the benefits – apply for a refinancing!

    • Applicable terms & documents required to apply*
      • Income domiciliation with BCP Bank (Mauritius).
      • Constitution of guarantees.
      • Acceptable documented proof of project.
      • Loan Amortisation Schedule (for the loan to be refinanced), or Balance Owing Confirmation Letter.

      *This list is not exhaustive.