Whether you are the tenant or the landlord, living in an apartment or a house, you can protect your residence and residents from disasters. Our range of multirisk Housing Insurance covers can be tailored to your particular situation and needs (1).

Options and Benefits

  • You can choose the formula that is best suited to your requirements :
  • The Multirisk Housing Insurance can cover the following unforeseen,
    sudden and/or accidental risks:
    • Fire
    • Burglary
    • Natural Disaster (cyclone, storm, climate-related disaster, flood, natural disaster, lightning, tidal wave, tsunami, volcanic eruption, earthquake)
    • Theft, act of vandalism
    • Terrorist attack, riot
    • Explosion
  • Property and belongings are indemnified according to insured value and effective age/physical state.
  • We simplify premium payments through direct debit to your account so there’s no inconvenience to you.
  • In addition to basic covers, we propose optional additional protection, suiting your profile:
    • Electrical damage
    • Specialised sports equipment (golf, water sports)
    • Loss or theft of goods & movables (household appliances, electronic & IT equipment, furniture, sports equipment, jewels, household workers…)
    • Civil Responsibility, which insures and protects you against the need to indemnify
      • Damage, incumbent to your responsibility, caused to third party
      • Corporal accidental injuries occurring in the insured residence
  • Our Assistance Service remains at your disposal 24h/7 in case of disaster

How to avail yourself of the right cover?

  • BCP Bank (Mauritius) proposes a choice of 3 partnering insurance companies :
    • Mauritius Union   
    • Jubilee Insurance 
    • Swan Insurance    
  • A dedicated insurance client service executive will guide you through choosing the appropriate cover as per your financial needs and expectations and thereafter be there to assist you with the follow up of your insurance account and any ensuing need.
  • Compare first. Then choose ! Just ask and we will request quotes for you from all 3 BM partners to enable a comparative review before settling for any one.


  • The term of your insurance cover is one year. It provides for automatic yearly renewal.
  • Payment of premium is annual.
  • You receive an insurance certificate, endorsed in the favour of the bank.

(1) Conditions apply, subject to the terms and limits provided under the General Terms & Conditions of the Housing Insurance contract.

Enjoy the benefits – get insured!

  • Application checklist*
    • Valid Identity document (National ID card, passport, etc.)
    • Proof of residence.

    *This list is not exhaustive.