BCP Bank (Mauritius) offers you the credit facility of a  loan secured against cash collateral, provided you have a savings plan with the Bank and your application for a loan is approved.

With a Cash-secured Loan, keep your savings intact while borrowing at a favorable rate! That way, you can still save, on the one hand, while investing on the other hand!

So, when you need some funds to finance a project, no need to put an end to any savings account you have with us and lose any benefits attached: just use your existing savings to back up your credit facility application.

Who can apply?

Any physical person of legal age bearing sufficient funds on a savings account or a fixed deposit.

For what purpose?

This facility can be taken as a credit guarantee in case you have an emergency, unexpected financial requirement or you need to react rapidly for an important purchase. With a savings-secured loan, you can finance your projects or use it to keep a readily available cash reserve.


  • A competitive lending rate.
  • You spare your savings without having to spare yourself the satisfaction of going ahead with a project.
  • No need to put an end to your savings or fixed deposit before maturity.
  • The Cash-secured Loan enables a privileged access to a loan, backed up by a reliable guarantee.

How does it work?

For a fixed deposit, you can choose between three repayment options
  • Depreciable: you can repay the loan (capital and interest) at a time most convenient to you (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly).
  • Capital: you repay only the interests monthly and settle the loan capital at the end.
  • Capital and interest: you repay everything at one go (capital and interest) at the end of the loan term.

The term of a Cash-secured loan is up to you and can be determined according to your needs and the purpose of the credit facility. The Bank will however establish the ideal term based on the nature of your application and your profile.

  • The Cash-secured loan amount depends on: your request, your repayment capacity, etc.
  • Maximum amount can go up to 75% of your savings balance and up to 125% of your fixed deposit balance.
  • You can choose the day of the month you would like to settle the reimbursement.
  • Otherwise, by default, repayment due date is on the 28th day of every month.

Broadly speaking, your Savings account or fixed deposit acts as guarantee to a Cash-secured Loan.