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Local Transfers

  • What types of transfers can be performed under Local Transfers menu?

    Local transfers are those carried out with banks located on Mauritian territory.

    2 types of local transfers are possible:

    • From one of your own accounts to another.
    • From your account to a beneficiary holding an account with BCP Bank (Mauritius) or to a beneficiary holding an account with another local bank.

    Note: Transfers can be performed in any major currency. 

    • E.g : MUR/EUR/USD/GBP etc.
    • In the case of a foreign currency transfer, conversion rate is automatically that of the day the transaction is performed.
  • What is the processing delay for an internal account to account transfer?

    Any internal transfer (from one of your accounts to another) is instantly credited to your beneficiary account.

  • What is the processing delay for a transfer to a local bank?

    A local transfer is effective on recipient account within 24h, provided it is carried out prior to the cut-off time.

    • A transfer performed before 14h30 will be effective on the same day (D).
    • A transfer performed after 14h30 will be effective on D + 1. (This applies to working days solely and excludes closure time, week-ends and holidays.)
  • I cannot effect a transfer of MUR 200 000 in spite having correctly entered the beneficiary’s data.

    As a security measure, daily threshold is by default set at MUR 100 000 per day.  Should you wish to increase this threshold, please fill in the attached form and drop it directly with your Relationship Manager.

    For any query, our hotline is reachable on 207 1000 from 9 am to 5 pm on week days.

  • Where to check the transfers that have been carried out?

    Under the « Local transfer » menu, go to « Transfers in progress”. This section shows transfers recently registered on current day.

  • Is it possible to cancel or delete a local transfer?

    No. Once performed, a transfer cannot be cancelled or deleted online.

    • Internal transfers (from one of your accounts to another) are effective instantly. Therefore, these can in no way be cancelled.
    • Local external transfers performed are processed and posted at the end of the day. These cannot be cancelled online. 
    • Note:
    • It is important to fill in the required fields correctly right at the very first step of a transfer.
    • The second step consists in confirming the details of the transfer.
    • The last step is a summary of the transaction.
    • Note (to the attention of companies):
    • If you are the validating party, you can cancel or delete any transfer performed by the instructing party. Please refer to specific section « Multiple approval transfers ».
  • Is it possible to make a transfer to a differed-debit card account?

    No. A transfer cannot be performed towards a differed debit card account.

    On note, the card account is strictly reserved for the payment of purchases at merchants’ points of sale.

  • Is it possible to instruct a standing order? How to proceed?

    No. A direct debit cannot be instructed online.

    Any request to that end must be submitted by contacting your Relationship Manager.

  • Is it possible to check Standing orders?

    Yes. You can check all your standing orders through the menu « Local transfers » under the tab entitled « Standing orders ».

  • Is it possible to cancel a standing order online?

    No. This operation cannot be performed currently.

    Any request for the cancellation of a standing order must be submitted by contacting your Relationship Manager.