BCP Bank (Mauritius) VISA card is a key instrument of your account. It enables:

  • Payment of purchases at more than 29 million merchants displaying the VISA logo
  • Cash withdrawals internationally at more than 943 000 ATMs in more than 220 countries, thanks to the extensive VISA network.


Any moral person can apply for and subscribe to a VISA Classic or GOLD.



  • Visa Classic is a highly secure electronic chip card. It can hardly be copied to fraudulent ends.
  • In the unlucky event of loss or theft of the card, it only requires a phone call to block the card on the system.
  • The entry of three consecutive invalid PIN codes – at an ATM or a Merchant Terminal, immediately gets the card blocked. It can only be released subject to a written request to your bank.

Flexibility of an international network

A VISA Classic or GOLD card allows you to:

  • Settle current expenses in Mauritius and overseas.
  • Settle your purchases directly with your card at merchants’ outlets or for e-buying online.

Plus point of the Visa GOLD card

The Visa GOLD card comes with a range of guarantees and assistance, adapted to your needs, and applicable to both your purchases and your overseas travels. It allows you to choose an optimal protection daily and around the world.

Enjoy the benefits!

  • You can visit any one of our branches or contact directly your Relationship Manager to complete the formalities.