You have some surplus funding and would like to make your money grow while knowing beforehand the yield you will obtain?

A term or fixed deposit is the ideal solution: it allows you to safeguard your capital, whether in MUR or foreign currencies, and adds onto it with predetermined accruing interests.

Benefits of the Term Deposit

  • No-risk investment: 100 % initial capital is guaranteed and secured.
  • Predefined interest rate and time deposit: The Term period is determined by you according to your plans and projects.
  • Interest Payment: Interest Payment frequency is set as per your choice of term, monthly, quarterly, Twice yearly (semester end), annual or at maturity. 



Any moral person

One-time deposit at opening

As from MUR 50 000 or foreign currency equivalent



Interest Payment

As per client’s choice


As per contract terms set out upon subscription. Any withdrawal automatically entails closing up of account.


As from 3 months up to 60 months

More information?

  • Please call on any one of our branches or contact your Relationship Manager.  
    You may also call our Customer Relationship Center on 207 1000.


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