BCP Bank (Mauritius) offers several payment techniques to facilitate your trade transactions.

1) The Import Documentary Credit or Import Letter of Credit

The Import Documentary Credit or Import Letter of Credit is a payment technique whereby the Bank undertakes to settle your credit with your supplier, subject that documents remitted to your supplier conform to the importation documentary credit.

Main benefits

  • Facilitates your importation activity;
  • Provides your supplier with the assurance of being paid;
  • Guarantees the delivery of your imported goods, as payment is effected between your bank and the supplier’s bank;
  • Ensures you with a personalised service and follow-up from your Business Account Executive.

2) The Export Documentary Credit or Letter of Credit

When engaged in export activities, an export documentary credit or letter of credit guarantees the settlement by your client’s bank, provided that the goods are delivered and the required accompanying documents presented as per the agreement thereof in the export letter of credit.

Main benefits

  • Control over the risk of non-payment of your exports.
  • Better control over your trade operations.

3) The Stand-by Letter of Credit

The stand-by letter of credit is a firm and irrevocable undertaking on the part of the Bank to settle the supplier (the recipient). It acts as a guarantee for the recipient (the exporter supplying you with the goods).


  • A company operating in the international trade sector, reporting an annual turnover not exceeding MUR 50 million.

More information?

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    You may also call our Customer Relationship Center on 207 1000.