In this era of continuous digital development, BCP Bank (Mauritius) is launching a new and innovative loan- the Digital Transformation Loan.

The Digital Transformation Loan is a product that aims to incentivise SMEs to accelerate their digital transformation.

Digitalisation and other forms of technological innovation are drastically changing credit markets around the world, creating opportunities for consumers and new market participants. Digitalisation has changed the game and has fundamentally transformed how we engage, how we do business, and who is on the playing field, effectively rewriting the rules of competition.  Increasingly, consumers are looking for more tailored products, faster delivery times, digital user interfaces that minimise human-to-human interaction, and overall convenience.



A maximum of 5 years

Financing possibilities

The purpose of this credit is to invest in or upgrade the digitalisation of a company via

  • Website creation
  • Creation or enhancement of e-commerce platforms
  • Call for expert services (consultants, web marketing agency, etc.)
  • Software subscriptions
  • Training
  • Process digitalisation
  • Digital transformation of logistics
  • Others



Given the current economic situation, companies are led to embrace digital advancement. This development can prove to be both costly and complex.

Our digital transformation loan is yet another example of BCP Bank (Mauritius)’ drive to innovate with and for its clients. We believe that companies that undertake digital transformation will be winners in the long term.