Why not avail yourself of the ideal solution for your company’s payment of salaries?  

BCP Bank (Mauritius) holds the ideal solution to help you out.

With our payroll automatic system, you can direct the salaries of your staff straight to their individual accounts with BCP Bank (Mauritius) as well at other banks too.

How does it work ?

Please refer to our salary payment agreement which need to be signed and hand over to your Relationship Manager. 

An excel sheet sample shall be provided where you will have to input the bank account details of your employees and thereafter save it in digital format to hand over to the Bank along with your signed instructions.

The soft copy and signed instructions will have to be handed over to the Bank every fortnight or every month, as suited to you, for the payment of salaries.


  • This facility enables the consolidated management of your operations.
  • You have the flexibility of sending us your salaries files as and when convenient to you.
  • Salaries are credited to the respective accounts of your employee under 48H*

*Subject to cut-off time, as communicated by the Bank.

How to subscribe

  • Please download the salary agreement and submit same dully signed to your Relationship Manager.