Cheque book

A convenient payment tool for your day-to-day requirements

Payment by cheque remains an acceptable means of payment for most settlements.

Good to know:  Your current cheque book is coming to an end? Your new cheque book will be automatically renewed and readily available at your branch. 

  • Choice of cheque books
    • No. of sheets - 50 or 100 sheets
  • Type
    • Crossed cheque
    • Crossed cheque a/c payee only
    • Non-crossed cheque
  • Delivery options
    • Normal Post
    • Registered Post
    • Branch Collection  

Direct Debit

No hassle, no late payments of obligations, no penalties: be carefree!

Our Direct Debit services allow you to authorise the transfer of an amount of money from your account to settle bills or subscription fees over an undetermined period.  As a rule, once instructed, direct debits are carried out on a monthly basis.

Creditors who accept direct debit settlement for their bills are the following: CEB, CWA, Mauritius Telecom, Emtel, Orange, Anglo and MC Vision.


payment settlement can also be performed through transfers. In these cases no cheque book or bank card, is required.

Transfer scan be used as follows

  • Momentarily – for ad-hoc requirements ;
  • Permanently – for regular requirements befitting an automatic, repetitive transfer for an identical amount of money, at the same date towards the same recipient. A permanent transfer can be amended or cancelled and this just requires filling a form to the effect.


  • Widespread: transfers are a widespread mode of payment because they are simple, secure, inexpensive, fast, flexible, customisable.
  • Inexpensive : transactions carried out through internet banking cost less than those effected through a branch (please refer to tariff guide). In addition, in the case of a permanent transfer, you can amend it free of charge.
  • Fast : depending on transfer type (Normal or MACSS) beneficiary’s account can be credited on the same day.
  • Flexible : For all multicurrency transactions, you can choose between MUR, EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, CHF, GBP or ZAR.

More information?

  • Please call on any one of our branches or contact your Relationship Manager.  
    You may also call our Customer Relationship Center on 207 1000.