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Published on | 06.10.2021
Deadline | 19.10.2021

Key Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the administration of servers according to compliance and security rules in place (Linux, Windows);
  • Ensure the application of patches (Security / Application) on servers;
  • Ensure the application of Security patches and Anti-Virus on ATMs;
  • Ensure the management of the storage infrastructure - Capacity Planning;
  • Ensure the management of the backup infrastructure – Backup to disk/tape;
  • Ensure the proper functioning of the IT Infrastructure applications – by taking proactive/preventive actions...
Published on | 25.08.2021
Deadline |

Purpose of the Job

Ensure compliance with the procedures, standards, legal and regulatory provisions within the different units to improve governance, risk management and internal controls.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work on all aspects of the team’s day to day tasks and responsibilities including data gathering.
  • Preparing ‘walk-throughs’.
  • Identify and reduce all business and financial risks through effective implementation and monitoring of controls.
  • Carrying out audit testing.
  • Carrying out audit...