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  • Phasing out of LIBOR- FAQ

    The London Interbank Offered Rate (“LIBOR”) is a benchmark interest rate index used in setting the interest rate for many variable-rate loans and other financial obligations.  LIBOR is currently set to be phased out as from 31st December 2021. Please read this FAQ for more information.

  • Breakfast Conference-BCP Bank (Mauritius) unveils Morocco-

    The significant potential for Morocco and Mauritius to collaborate in the banking and investment arena, as well as how BCP Bank can act as a facilitator, were showcased during a breakfast conference hosted by the Bank on the 5th of February 2021 at Hennessy Park Hotel à Ebène.

    The panel of this conference was composed of Abdelwafi Atif, CEO of BCP Bank (Mauritius) Sangeetha Ramkelawon, the Deputy CEO and Shakil Daby, Director Corporate & Institutional Banking. Among the topics discussed: foreign investment in Morocco, transfer of income and guarantees and investment opportunities via Mauritius to Morocco and Africa in general. Moreover, the panel discussed/shared views on Moroccan investments in Mauritius, including the attractiveness of Procurement Centres based here, and the absence of exchange controls which makes Mauritius a very appealing destination.

    Some pictures here.


  • New Correspondent Bank- Euros

    As part of its international development, BCP Bank (Mauritius) has joined forces with a new correspondent bank for Euro forex: CaixaBank SA. CaixaBank is a financial group, leader on the Spanish market, in the banking and the insurance sectors, as well as investments in international banks and leading companies in the service sector. CaixaBank is also the tenth bank in the euro zone in terms of market capitalisation. For more information on the list of our correspondent banks: click here