Solid, innovative, dynamic, participative and above all prosperous, BCP Bank (Mauritius), which took over from Banque des Mascareignes in March 2019, is a subsidiary of the Banque Centrale Populaire (BCP) Group since October 2018. BCP Bank (Mauritius) stands on a fifteen-year legacy of solid accomplishments by its predecessor. The BCP group is the seventh largest banking group in Africa by size of equity and a banking leader in Morocco. It is present in 32 countries across the world, notably in West Africa under the "Banque Atlantique" brand and in Europe via its "Chaabi Bank" subsidiary.

As an integral part of this extensive network, BCP Bank (Mauritius) is in itself, with a team of more than 250 members, invested in a long-term vision, dedicated to professionalism backed by a genuine entrepreneurial spirit.

The bank offers motivating prospects and conditions of employment to prospective candidates who adhere to our values ​, namely Audacity, Trust and Commitment, and who would like to pursue rewarding and fulfilling careers - both professionally and humanely.

In case you are  interested, send us a letter of motivation and your CV on