The CSR undertaking of BCP Bank (Mauritius)

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy of BCP Bank (Mauritius) is grounded in the Bank’s will to be a responsible economic actor, committed to society. It has chosen to focus on three areas of intervention.

The CSR policy of BCP Bank (Mauritius) rests on a three-pronged approach:

  1. Promoting children’s education in under-privileged areas;
  2. Protecting the environment in the Ebene region through internal and external community initiatives;
  3. Taking part in civic actions and community programmes in the Ebene region.

Our mission

To be a bank with a heart and one that is committed to nurturing long-lasting partnerships with the NGOs that it supports.

Our values

  • Impartiality
  • Solidarity
  • Commitment


BCP Bank (Mauritius)​ does not grant financing in the following cases:

  • Political parties and parastatal bodies
  • Activities related to religious celebrations
  • Personal requests
  • Research - except when related to its 3 CSR areas of intervention.

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Functioning of the CSR Committee

The CSR Committee is placed under the chairmanship of the bank’s CEO and composed of the following members: Communications Officer, HR representative, the President of Club BCP and 3 collaborators from different departments.

Members sit on the committee for 2 consecutive years, except for the CEO and the Communications Officer who are both permanent members of the Committee and the President of Club BCP  who usually changes every year as he/she is elected for a yearly mandate, save if no new President is elected.

The 3 other collaborators are selected from volunteers, further to a call for candidates. Their selection is based on their letter of motivation and their mandate lasts 2 to 3 years.

Once the bank's annual CSR budget has been defined, applications for CSR funds that have been received by the bank are examined for a preselection by the committee members. They ensure that applications received are consistent with the bank’s CSR policy and areas of intervention. Their shortlist is then presented to the executive CSR committee for a final selection, under the arbitration of the CEO.

Selected NGOs are thereafter contacted for an official presentation of their respective cheques.

During the year, the CSR Committee undertakes to participate in the organisation of at least 2 activities with the NGOs funded by the bank.