Orange Money is a money transfer and payment service. It is available directly from any mobile phone and to any Orange Money subscriber. This service enables the payment, from your mobile phone of utility bills (electricity, water, landline phone) as well as income tax. 

Who can use this service?

You only need to hold a current account with BCP Bank (Mauritius) to make use of Orange Money. And you can subscribe to it either through a BCP Bank (Mauritius) branch or in one of the 19 Orange/Mauritius Telecom shops. It’s free! No app to download; no need to have a particular Smartphone. And what more – you can use it irrespective of the mobile phone operator you are registered with.

What’s the use?

  • Pay your bills anywhere, anytime with:
    • your mobile phone (any will do - Smartphone or not),
    • all due security,
    • no service charge (you only pay the cost of an SMS),
    • a single code 8088 for any query or payment SMS.
  • Buy Orange Mobile phone usage credit;
  • Pay for your purchases all over the island at Points of sale or any merchants showing the Orange Money logo;
  • Check your Orange Money payment history from your customer space on





Bills that can be paid with Orange Money







Merchants where you can currently use Orange Money as a mode of payment










Safe: you use a confidential code for any payment operation
Economical: no need to move from one place to another to make your payments, no transport required, no queuing up… which saves you time and money. In fact, Orange Money costs less than a direct debit!
Fast track: your money is readily available once you receive the confirmation SMS.

How does it work?

  • Once you register you will receive an SMS indicating that your registration is underway;
  • Once your registration is confirmed, BCP Bank (Mauritius) sends you an SMS to confirm that you can now use Orange Money ;
  • You can choose between 2 modes of payment :
    • By SMS: if you are an Orange mobile subscriber just send code 8088 from your mobile.
    • By call: if you are not an Orange mobile subscriber, dial 8900 and using your menu, enter the access code *8088#
  • You can unsubscribe from the service anytime – just send in a duly signed termination letter.

Orange Money (the service) is free – you only pay the cost of your SMS.

Want to enjoy this facility?

It's so easy!

  • Have a current account with BCP Bank (Mauritius)? Use an Orange SIM card on your mobile phone.

    Go to the nearest Orange Shop or  BCP Bank (Mauritius) branch.