Banking cards do certainly facilitate secure payments at points of sale, but it happens that sometimes we need cash. BCP Bank (Mauritius) has set up a network of strategically located ATMs across the island, for your everyday needs and transactions.

Who can use an ATM?

Any physical person holding one of the following banking cards: VISA Classic, VISA Gold or Easycard

What are the benefits?

Our ATM network ensures you can perform common day-to-day operations in a fast and secure manner:

  • Cash withdrawals – you can withdraw the required amount of cash from you current account or from your remunerated current account as and when needed.
  • Deposits – you can deposit either a cheque or cash, in a sealed envelope, at an ATM.
  • Manage your account. At any of our ATMs you can:
    • Check the balance on your accounts and your cards;
    • Transfer funds from one account to another ;
    • Print an account activity statement.

How does it work?

BCP Bank (Mauritius) operates a network of 10 ATMs across the island, enabling cash withdrawals (subject to contractual thresholds) and other common banking transactions with the use of a banking card and its confidential Personal Identification Number (PIN).