BCP Bank (Mauritius) took over from Banque des Mascareignes in March 2019, carrying forward a legacy of significant achievements over the latter's near fifteen years of existence to that date. BCP Bank (Mauritius) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Panafrican banking group, Banque Centrale Populaire (BCP). BCP Group is the sixth largest banking group in Africa in terms of equity, and the leading banking institution in Morocco. It is present in 16 African countries and 14 countries in other parts of the world, notably in West Africa under the brand “Banque Atlantique” and in Europe via its subsidiary “Chaabi Bank”.

As the only North and West African bank to be present in Mauritius, BCP Group will support the growing dynamics towards French-speaking Africa as well as investments from Asia, specially China and India, towards Africa.

As an integral part of a pan-African group with a global footprint, BCP Bank (Mauritius)  opens up  to new opportunities for growth while leveraging on the group’s innovative solutions, namely in trade finance and electronic payment systems. The customers of BCP Bank (Mauritius) benefit from BCP Group best-in-class practices and the commitment of a reliable group, highly rated in Morocco and  in the Maghreb by the most trusted international agencies (Standard & Poor’s, Fitch, Moody’s…).

BCP Bank (Mauritius) is now a comprehensive generalist bank spanning over all banking activities and serving individuals, professionals, PMEs, corporate and international businesses. The Bank is active on both domestic and global business markets and has won the trust of important Mauritian and international groups. The Client Management, Payment Methods and International services of BCP Bank (Mauritius) are certified.

BCP Bank (Mauritius) offers a network of 6 branches and 13 ATMs strewn across the island. We stand by our clients at every major step of their lives and activities and see to it that our products are designed with relevance so as to match their expectations, needs and aspirations. 

Strong, innovative, dynamic, and involved; more importantly - a prosperous bank, the ongoing construction of BCP Bank (Mauritius) is entrusted to a fully-invested team of 250 “professional builders” who share in the Bank's long term vision and its a real entrepreneur spirit.