A convenient means for transactions

Our Visa Classic and Visa Gold debit cards put you in control to manage your account, cover your expenses, withdraw cash, book a flight, or get cash out easily.

Our Offer

  • Worldwide acceptance (Visa) - 29 million merchants, 943,000 VISA ATMs and 600,000 other ATMs
  • Settle current expenses in Mauritius and overseas
  • Make purchases from suppliers
  • Withdraw cash
  • Benefit from purchasing thresholds up to MUR 1.5m per month with VISA Gold card
  • Benefit from withdrawal thresholds, applicable to ATM transactions up to MUR 350,000 per month with VISA Gold card
  • Settle your purchases directly with your card at merchants’ outlets or for e-payments, either on an immediate debit or differed debit mode
  • An emergency 24-hour hotline for all insurance and theft assistance service