Ideally placed to cater for the trade flows between the Asian & Middle East regions and Africa 

Mauritius is strategically located between Asia, which is the fastest growing economic continent and Africa which is one of the richest continents in terms of resources. Trade flows into and out of Africa has driven much of Africa's economy's growth in the past years, and Asian countries, mostly China and India, are increasingly important trade partners of Africa. With the numerous advantages of the Mauritius IFC, investors are increasingly using Mauritius as the investment springboard to Africa.

Whether you’re an exporter or importer, our trade finance specialists provide you the support and solutions you need to help you trade efficiently and securely, optimise working capital and assist you in identifying opportunities to accelerate cash flow.

Deep Expertise in Trade Finance

Solutions to support our client’s trade finance needs 

  • Manage the inherent international trade risks, across multiple geographies 
  • Leverage on our group’s extensive African footprint and wide network of correspondent banks 
  • Product experts on international trade including import, export, documentary collection and stand by letter of credit 
  • Working capital support through payment undertaking and discounting 
  • Knowledge and focus on key sectors such as agro-commodities, oil & gas, automobile & heavy duty equipment, mining and other natural resources 

Our Trade Finance Value Addition

  • Trade finance capabilities helping clients to mitigate non-domestic trading risks
  • Expertise in conducting business in Africa and emerging markets
  • Product experts on international trade including import, export, collections and stand by letter of credits
  • Working capital support through payment undertakings and discount financing
  • Capability to leverage an extensive network of strategic Global FI partners and BCP Group coverage

Fast, efficient and reliable trade finance solutions

  • Letter of Credit confirmation & discounting (without recourse) - please check our video on this subject
  • Bill of Exchange avalisation & discounting (without recourse)
  • Letter of Credit Refinancing
  • Irrevocable Reimbursement Undertaking (IRU)
  • Bank Guarantee & Guarantee re-issuance
  • Financial Institution - Trade Risk Participations
  • Customised Structured Trade
  • Finance / Supply Chain Financing
  • Export Financing